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Building Your TPN.Health Profile
Building Your TPN.Health Profile
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Your profile provides you with an opportunity to showcase your clinical expertise within the network. Creating a detailed profile helps you connect with clinicians, and ensures you receive accurate clinical referrals.

Profile Completion Tracker

To view the competition status of your profile, go to your profile icon in the top, right-hand corner of your page. In the dropdown menu, click View Profile. On the top of this page, you will see the Profile Completion Tracker, indicating the percentage of your progress. Click Complete your Profile -> to add information.


In the left-hand column, a yellow exclamation icon will appear next to any sections that are missing information. As you update these sections, the Profile Completion Tracker will reflect accordingly.


Basic Information

The Basic Information portion of your profile provides a quick overview about yourself. Completing this section is critical for improving search results, and allowing clinicians to find you.

Here you can insert any professional titles, along with the title of any organization in which you are a member of.

If you are fluent in multiple languages, you may enter those languages by going to the Select Language(s) tab and entering the language(s) you know. This will auto-generate from a list of languages in our system. Select the language you would like display from the list.

Upload a Profile Image

To add a profile picture to your account, click the Choose a File button. You can choose from any .jpg, .jpeg, .png file on your device.


You may update your primary location, or you can click Add Another Location if your work extends elsewhere. You may also check whether or not you travel nationally or internationally for your profession.


Feel free to add any educational background, including the name of your Institution, the title of your degree, and the year you graduated.

Biography & Contact Information

Under Biography & Contact Information, you can insert a public bio that provides visitors to your page with a brief introduction to who you are.

You may also provide a website and phone number, should you so choose.

NOTE: Your contact information will be accessible through your profile to other clinicians on the Network. Please only list information you’re comfortable sharing publicly.

Business Address

You may choose to include your business address. This address will only be viewable to you and will not display publicly.

Add Published Works

If you have any published works, you may add the links and titles to those documents in the Add Published Works section.

NOTE: You may display up to four documents on your profile.

Profile Privacy

Lastly, choose whether or not you would like for your profile to appear publicly to those outside of Learn More

Click the Save button to save your changes.


The License portion of your profile provides an up-to-date list of your approved licenses for your profile.

To add a license, click Add New License. Fill in the necessary information based on your specific license. For more information, please read Updating or Adding a License.

Click the Save button to save your changes.

To further ensure your new license is approved, please contact Support at [email protected].


If you select that you accept insurance or private payments, you can select from the list of in-network insurance providers in your state to add to your profile. You may also choose any Medicaid and/or Medicare providers you accept.

Additional Insurance Information

Here you can choose whether or not you accept Private Pay and/or some Out-of-Network Insurances.

Be sure to click Save to save your changes.

If you cannot find any insurance providers for the categories listed, please contact Support at [email protected].

Specialties & Video


While you do not have to have to upload a video to your profile, you have the option to upload a video that highlights your practice. To upload, select Choose a File.


Specialties are important for referrals, expanding networks, and helping users find the right clinician within a specific field. Additionally, completing this section allows other clinicians to make endorsements based on the specialties you input. If you leave this section of your profile blank, other clinicians will not have any specialties to endorse you for.

You can list up to 5 specialities on your profile. To enter your specialties, select a text box and choose from the expansive list of specialities in our system.

If you cannot find your specialty listed, scroll down to the bottom of the list and choose Other. A new text box will generate, where you can insert the title of your specialty.

Age Specialties & Gender Specialties

You also have the option of selecting from any age and/or gender-specific specialties.

Click Save to save your changes.

Practice Information


You may edit or add a profession to your profile. To edit an existing profession, select the text box with your current profession. In the dropdown menu, select a different profession.

To add another profession, click Add Another Profession.

Practice Settings

Choose from a variety of settings in which your practice takes place. You may add as many settings as necessary to your profession.

NPI Number

If you have a National Provider Identifier (NPI) number, please enter it here.

Click Save to save your changes.

Modalities and Interventions

Modalities and interventions are the methods of treatment you are qualified in. Choose from our extensive list of modalities and interventions to display on your profile. Updating this section allows you to receive endorsements for the Modalities and Interventions you select.

To add a modality or intervention, click the text box and choose your modalities/interventions from the dropdown list provided.

Click Save to save your changes.

Referral Settings

Referrals are important for licensed clinicians in search of proper care for their clients. Licensed users can refer their clients to one another through's Referral Feed. To learn more about referrals, click HERE.

Referral Status

In your Referral Settings, add a phone number and/or email address for other clinicians to contact you by.

NOTE: Leaving these fields blank will default your public profile to display the email and phone number connected to your account instead.

To edit your referral status, check/uncheck I want to show that I am currently accepting referrals from clients.

Referral Acceptance

Please select any Specialty and Modality you wish to receive a referral for.

Click Save to save your changes.

Viewing Your Profile

Once you have made the appropriate changes to your profile, click View Profile to see your updates.

For all other questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to [email protected].

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