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How to Endorse a Clinician
How to Endorse a Clinician
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Purpose of Endorsements

Creating an endorsement allows users to publicly highlight another clinician's expertise and specialties, and adds the clinician to the user's referral network.

Peer endorsements not only expand your professional network but ultimately improve behavioral health outcomes by creating accurate referral networks that connect clinicians to clients with specific needs.

How to Make an Endorsement

  • Step 1: Connect with a Clinician

Before you can make an endorsement, you must first connect with a clinician. In the top header, navigate to Find a Clinician to locate a clinician to connect with. Here, you can filter by location, profession, license, specialization, and more. Clicking 'Connect' will send the clinician an invitation which will need to be accepted before you proceed with endorsing.

To view your Connections and outgoing requests, click on Connections in the My Network drop-down menu. If a clinician has sent you a request to connect, you will receive a notification in your inbox. Click on the bell icon, as shown below, to open your inbox. Additionally, when an invitation has been accepted, you will be notified here.

  • Step 2: Endorse

From either the Find a Clinician search, or My Connections, click on the clinician you wish to endorse to view their profile. On the left of the screen under their profile picture you will see "More" which will open a drop-down menu where you can select endorse. Select the type of endorsement you would like to make, and input a personalized message, as shown in the gif below. Please note, that after submitting this endorsement, your message and endorsement will appear as a public post on the feed.

  • Step 3: View your Endorsements and Referral Network

To view all endorsements you have sent or received, click on Endorsements under My Network in the drop-down menu, or alternatively, you can view endorsements from your profile overview. To view a clinician's referral network, navigate to the clinician's profile through the Find a Clinician Search, and beneath the profile photo, click on Referral Network.

For more information on creating and managing referrals, please view How to Create a Referral.

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