Unacceptable Profile Usage
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Approved and effective: 10/20/2020
Last reviewed and revised: 5/25/2021

Policy Brief & Purpose

This policy is to outline both appropriate and inappropriate use of clinical profiles on the TPN.health platform. While appropriate usage is encouraged and embodies the spirit, mission, and purpose of TPN.health, inappropriate usage undermines them.


This policy refers to all individual profiles registered with the Trusted Provider Network.


  1. All TPN.health users are expected to adhere to the Terms and Conditions (TOC) as well as the Do's and Don'ts (DnD) of the TPN.health platform

  2. TPN users will be expected to use the Report feature whenever content is discovered that violates the Terms and Conditions or the Do's and Don'ts of the TPN.health platform

  3. The surveillance of TPN.health profiles - led by the TPN.health Clinical Team - are informed by reports by TPN.health users or other staff and by license audits performed by the Clinical Team

  4. Any violation discovered by the Clinical Team will be addressed by contacting the user in violation within 24 hours of discovery, at which time staff will recommend a suitable intervention

  5. The intervention recommended will be proportionate to the severity of the violation:

    1. Profiles that violate the TOCs or DnDs but do not constitute clear violations of ethics will result in a request by the Clinical Team for the user to amend their profile in such a way that it is no longer in violation. Details and suggestions for amendments will be provided. users will be asked to make the recommended changes within 24-48 hours from the time of contact.

    2. Profiles with content that constitutes clear violation of professional ethics, professional board rules, and/or may result in the direct harm of another person will be immediately suspended and placed under "view only" status pending further investigation by the TPN.health Clinical Team and the arrival of a decision on how best to act upon and rectify the situation, including extended suspension or termination of the user account and/or a report submitted to the appropriate governing board.

    3. Profiles with content that jeopardizes the active, good standing of a professional license will be suspended indefinitely until the pertinent professional board indicates a ruling on the license's status.

    4. It will be at the discretion of the TPN.health Clinical Team to determine the severity of a TOC or DnD violation

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