CE Event Code of Conduct
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Approved and effective: 3/1/2021

Last reviewed and revised: 5/1/2023

Policy Brief & Purpose

This policy is to outline both appropriate and inappropriate conduct during and following a Continuing Education (โ€œCEโ€) event on the TPN.health platform.


This policy refers to all users registered with TPN.health.


  1. All TPN.health users will understand that participation in a live virtual CE event is analogous to attending an in-person CE event, and that participants of a CE event are expected to conduct themselves in the same way that they would in an in-person setting. Additionally, users are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that is consistent with the ethical code(s) to which they are professionally bound.

  2. All TPN.health users will honor the privacy, security, and honesty of themselves and other TPN.health users. To these ends:

  3. The purpose of Continuing Education is to update and upgrade the professional knowledge and skills of providers. You are welcome to re-watch a workshop previously taken at any time to refresh your knowledge, but re-watching workshops will not earn Continuing Education credit during current or subsequent CE renewal periods. Please choose a unique offering from our live and on-demand workshop catalog to receive CE credit.

  • Users will understand that any hyperlinks provided to them must never be shared. This includes links to event evaluations, registration pages, or any other link that provides access to the services that TPN.health provides.

  • Users will understand that their login credentials to their TPN.health profiles (email address and password) must never be shared with anybody else, and that nobody from TPN.health will request confirmation of your password.

  • All TPN.health users both during and after any CE event are expected to adhere to the User Conduct Policy and the Terms and Conditions of TPN.health usage


  1. All TPN.health users may utilize the report feature on the TPN.health platform whenever they discover that the above policies have been breached.

  2. The TPN.health clinical team will conduct routine audits of our records to ensure that the number of registered attendees match the number of CE certificates awarded.

    1. Discrepancies that are discovered will be investigated more thoroughly to identify likely causes and any individuals involved in possible misconduct.

    2. Individuals identified as having demonstrated ethical misconduct will be subject to the procedures outlined in the User Conduct Policy.

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