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Commercial Content
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Approved and effective: 2/11/2020

Last reviewed and revised: 5/25/2021

Policy Brief & Purpose

This policy is to outline both appropriate and inappropriate content delivered by educators in the context of Continuing Education (“CE”) Events hosted by strives to maintain integrity and the professional standards of its users and partnered professional associations.


This policy applies to all educators who provide education and all content delivered within the CE program.


  1. All educators will understand that all written, spoken, audio, or visual content - in both physical and digital format - that is broadcast, uploaded, emailed, or otherwise distributed to users in attendance of a CE Event are subject to the standards set forth by the professional associations with which is affiliated.

  2. To adhere to the highest standards possible, will not permit the inclusion of any content that can be considered commercial in nature.

  3. The following examples will help establish what content is to be considered commercial in nature and therefore not permissible:

  • Not permissible

  1. Hyperlinks to websites associated with goods or services with which the educator has a commercial relationship

  2. Calls to action in reference to any such goods or services


  1. References to research or literature in which the educator is listed as contributor

  2. Hyperlinks to websites which provide additional information or context related to the educational content of the CE Event

  3. Educator’s contact information for purposes of providing further information or material related to the educational content


  1. Prior to submitting a proposal for CE Events, educators are asked to review the Educators Help Center which notifies the educator to avoid impermissible commercial content. Further notification and terms are included in the CE Proposal Form and must be acknowledged and agreed upon prior to submission.

  2. All written, audio, and visual content submitted to associated with a CE Event will be reviewed by members of the Clinical Oversight team for the presence of commercial content.

  3. The moderation team will report any verbal violations of commercial content policy made during a CE Event. Any such violations will be documented and may impact an educator’s eligibility to provide future CE Events.

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