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Continuing Education Program Data Privacy & Retention
Continuing Education Program Data Privacy & Retention
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Approved and effective: 3/12/2020

Last reviewed and revised: 3/17/2020

Policy Brief & Purpose

This policy is to establish guidelines around the retention of data connected to the Continuing Education ("CE") Program.


This policy pertains to recorded CE activities, chat conversation data, evaluations, pre-tests, post-tests, attendance data, supplemental materials provided by CE educators related to their respective CE activities, CE certificates, and any ancillary documents that are acquired either in preparation for or as a result of CE activities.


  1. All of the records listed above are to be kept in a secure, confidential location for a minimum of 7 years upon creation of the records. Detailed information on privacy and security related to records can be found in the Terms and conditions.

  2. Records will not be released to any individuals or organizations, except in the following instances:

    1. Evaluation, pre-test/post-test, and attendee data may be provided to CE educators upon request for CE activities in which is the sole sponsor.

    2. Evaluation, pre-test/post-test, and attendee data may be provided to conference organizers for CE activities for which is not a sponsor (“Partner Event”).


  1. All data associated with the CE Program are automatically recorded in a secure location by design as the CE activity takes place.

  2. Upon reaching year 8 after the CE activity has taken place, staff may destroy those records in a secure manner.

  3. If a request for records is submitted by an educator or a Partner Event organizer and is allowed under the above policy, will release only those records requested. In such instances, all personally identifying information will be removed prior to release.

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