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Types of Events and How to Register
Types of Events and How to Register
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Introduction users have access to free and unlimited continuing education events. The following article provides an overview on the different types of TPN.Health events, and how to register. For more information on earning CE credit, please click here.

How to View Available CE Events

To view all event offerings, navigate to the Free Education Library by clicking on CE Events in the top header.


On this page, you will have the option to filter by event type: Live Events (events happening now), On Demand, and Upcoming Events (upcoming live interactive webinars). In the left-hand column, you may filter by CE Category, Number of CEs, Accreditation Board, and more.


Live Interactive Webinars

Simply put, live webinars are seminars, lectures, or classes presented online and in real-time to a live audience. Our live webinars take place on Zoom and are presented by one or more experts within the behavioral health industry. Attendees can interact with the presenters by asking questions, participating in polls, and contributing to the discussion in the chat box, while the presenter can evaluate how well the webinar is working towards achieving the intended goals. In the clinical world, these webinars allow learners to remotely attend continuing education sessions from the convenience of their homes, easing the stress around license renewal.

How to Register

In order to register for a live webinar through, you MUST have an individual account. You can register for a free account by clicking HERE.

To find an event you are interested in attending, go to the CE Events page on Click Full Details to be brought to the registration page, where you can find further information about the event.

To begin registration, click the Register Now button.


On Demand Education

On demand education allows you to learn at your own pace. You may decide when and what courses to take โ€” whenever you feel you need it or simply whenever is most convenient for you. In most cases, unless otherwise stated by the live event organizer, a live webinar's recording will be uploaded to the On Demand Library 2-3 weeks after the event first aired on

You may start and stop the recording, and even exit the page as you please. The video will save your spot so you can return to wherever you left off at a later date. At the conclusion of the recording, a post-test and evaluation will appear, which will need to be submitted before receiving a CE certificate.

Unlike traditional training methods, self-paced training gives the you, the learner, far more autonomy. This allows you to access relevant materials as needed and

How to Register

For information on how to register for on demand education and how to receive CE credit, please visit this article.


Conferences can either be virtual, in-person, or hybrid scheduled events that are generally put on by specific organizations at which clinicians present to their colleagues interesting clinical case studies, share their experiences, and learn about the latest achievements of the behavioral health industry. The value of a conference is thought to be the direct communication between clinicians in analysis of issues in a given specialty, with the aim to improve the quality of care. Speakers, based on their own experience, reveal the most urgent problems, analyze results, and offer potential solutions to their colleagues interested in the same questions. The event format may be different: workshops, highly specialized sections, round tables and seminars with participation of the leading clinicians in a given topic.

How to Register

For more information on how to register for a conference, please refer to this help article.

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