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Conferences Overview
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Introduction partners with organizations to host conferences, which may be virtual, in-person, or hybrid. The following article provides an overview on how to register for a conference, select a ticket type and make a payment if applicable, and attend a conference session.

Registering with an Account on

In order to register for a conference through, you MUST have an individual account. You can register for a free account by clicking HERE.

To find a conference you are interested in attending, go to the CE Events page on This will take you to our Education Library, where you can search for the conference you would like to attend. Click Full Details to be brought to the registration page, where you can find further information about the conference.

To begin your conference registration, click the Complete Registration or Register Now button.

In-Person vs Virtual Attendance

Depending on the type of conference, you may be prompted to choose whether you are attending the conference in-person or whether you are attending virtually via a live webinar on Zoom.

If you choose to attend in-person, you will need to record your attendance for each conference session via specific QR codes. You will find these available in each physical session hall.

If you choose to attend virtually, you will simply need to join each conference session via Zoom. Zoom will automatically record your attendance.

NOTE: Please log into Zoom with the email address associated with your account to ensure that your attendance is recorded properly.

Payment for Conference Registration events that are NOT FREE will be indicated by a black dollar sign.

If the conference you are registering for is a paid event, upon registration, you will be prompted to either choose your ticket type and/or input your debit/credit card information. If you have a discount code, you may choose to apply it as well.

Choosing Your Ticket Type

Please choose your corresponding ticket type. The selection will vary based on the conference and organization.

Non-Member vs Member Ticket Types

If you are a member of the conference organization within the platform, you may be prompted to choose a Member ticket type. If you are not a member of the conference organization, you may choose the Non-Member ticket type.

How To Accept an Organization's Invite

If you are a member of the conference organization, but you only see the Non-Member ticket type listed, then you must first accept the organization invitation through from your Notifications page.y

To accept your organization invite, go to the bell icon in the top, right-hand corner of your page. This will take you to your Notifications page. You will see a pending invitation from your organization. Accept the invitation, and you will now be listed as a member of that organization on your profile. Go back to the conference registration page, and you will now see the Member ticket type displayed.

How To Apply Your Discount Code

If you received a discount code from the conference organizer, you can apply the discount code by entering the discount code and clicking apply. Depending on the type of discount, clicking the Apply Discount button will either lower the price of registration or eliminate the field for payment completely.

Completing the Registration Form

If you are a licensed user on, you will be prompted to confirm your information on the registration form, including your profession, your business address, and the insurance you accept.

If you are no longer practicing, you may put your home address as your business address.

If you do not accept insurance, you may choose the option I Do Not Accept Insurance or Private Payments.

Once you have completed your registration form, you will receive an email confirming your registration.

How To Attend a Live Conference Session

To attend a live conference session, you will first need to locate the conference on Once you have registered for the conference, it will appear on your My Events page.

To reach your My Events page, go to the CE Wallet option at the top of your page. In the dropdown menu, select My Events.

This will take you to a page listing all of your upcoming and past registered events. Under Upcoming Events locate the conference you registered for and click View Content.

Clicking Access Now will take you to the Main Conference Hall. To find the specific event session you would like to attend, click the Session Hall button.

This will take you to a page listing every session of the conference for that day of attendance, along with a link to each session’s handouts.

To join a conference session, click the corresponding Join Now button next to the event session title. Doing so will open your Zoom application and take you directly into the event.

If Your Event Session Has Not Started

If your live event session has not yet started, you will be brought to the Meeting Room of the Zoom webinar. Please wait until the moderator has opened the session, and the live video feed will display shortly.

If Your Event Session Has Ended

If the live event session you are attempting to access has already ended, you will be met with a message from Zoom informing you that the session has ended. Please return to the Session Hall page on the website to join another live event session that has not yet started.

Receiving Your Evaluation

Please allow up to 24 hours from the end of your event session to receive your post session evaluation. You must complete the evaluation in order to receive CE credit. For more information on how to receive your evaluation, see this article here.

Viewing a Conference Event Session Recording

Many conferences do not allow for their event sessions to be displayed online for CE credit. Instead they will opt for the recordings to remain online for personal reference. You may typically find an event session recording a day after the conference has ended.

To reach an event session recording, go to the CE Wallet option at the top of your page. In the dropdown menu, select My Events. On your My Events page, locate the conference and find the Session Hall page. You will now be able to view each individual event sessions recordings from here.

If the event session is available for CE credit, you will need to watch the recorded session all the way to the end, pass the post test and complete the evaluation in order to generate your CE certificate. You will receive an email containing your CE certificate and will find a copy of your CE certificate on your Certificates page, as well.

For all other questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to [email protected].

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