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On Demand Education Overview
On Demand Education Overview
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What is an On Demand Education Video?

Among our continuing education events is our expansive on demand education library. On Demand Education (ODE) videos are the recorded and/or edited sessions of live/pre-recorded events hosted through displayed on our website for CE credit.

In most cases, unless otherwise stated by the live event organizer, a live webinar's recording will be posted to our website 2-3 weeks after the event first aired on If you are already registered for the live event version of the session, you will be notified via email once the ODE version is available for viewing.

Searching for On Demand Education Videos

You can easily search for currently uploaded on demand education videos by visiting our Free Education Library. First, go to the top of your page on and click CE Events. Next, under the title Free Education Library, click the option labeled On Demand. This will immediately display all of the currently uploaded ODE videos on


You may use the Search Filter on the lefthand side of the page to better refine your search.

NOTE: On Demand Education videos are designated by an On Demand Education tag under the event title.


How to Register for On Demand Education Videos

To register for an ODE video, find an ODE event in our Free Education Library and click Full Details. On the registration page, click Register Now.

If you are a licensed user on, you will be prompted to confirm your information on the registration form, including your profession, your business address, and the insurance you accept.

If you are no longer practicing, you may put your home address as your business address.

If you do not accept insurance, you may choose the option I Do Not Accept Insurance or Private Payments.

Once you have completed your registration form, you will receive a confirmation email. You will also be taken to a new page confirming your registration, where you can click Watch Now to begin viewing the recorded event.

NOTE: If you have already registered for the live event version of a session, you will, by default, already be registered for the on demand education version of the event once it is available for viewing.

How to Access an On Demand Education Video

To access an ODE video, go to your My Events page. To reach your My Events page, find the CE Wallet option at the top of your page and click My Events in the dropdown menu. This will take you to a page listing all of your upcoming and past registered events.


Under On Demand locate the ODE video you registered for and click the Watch Now button.

You will then be taken to a page where you can watch the recorded event at your leisure. Feel free to pause at any time and exit the page when you've reached a stopping point. You may resume the video by going to your My Events page and clicking Resume.

Earning CE Credit for ODE Videos

In order to be eligible for CE credit when watching one of our on demand education videos, you must watch the video to the very end of the timeline. Once the video has reached its conclusion, a post test will populate. Complete the post test with a passing score, and you will automatically generate the evaluation form. Complete the evaluation form, and you will immediately receive an email containing your CE certificate.

Completing the Post Test

Once your video has finished, a post test will automatically generate. This test will quiz you on several of the learning objectives covered in the session. You must pass the post test to generate the evaluation form; otherwise, you will need to retake it.

To retake the post test, click the Post Test button, and you will generate the post test once more. You may retake the post test as many times as necessary in order to make a passing score.

Once you pass the post test, an Evaluation button will appear, and you will immediately be taken to the evaluation form.

Troubleshooting the Post Test

If in the event that you have completed your video, but the post test and/or Post Test button do not generate, please rewind your video by a couple of minutes and let it play until the very end (this WILL NOT reset your final progress for the completed video). Watching the video in its entirety is required to earn a CE certificate.

Completing the Evaluation

When you have completed your post test and made a passing score, you will automatically generate an evaluation form. Please complete the evaluation form, making sure to include the correct name and title you would like to have displayed on your CE certificate. You may also find this evaluation on your Evaluations page. After submitting your evaluation, you will receive an email containing your CE certificate and the certificate will populate on your My Certificates page.

Finding your CE Certificate for an ODE Video

You will also find a copy of your CE certificate on your Certificates page, which you can reach by going to the CE Wallet option at the top of your page. In the dropdown menu, select Certificates. This will take you to a page listing all of your CE certificates earned and uploaded through

Troubleshooting the Evaluation

If in the event that you have completed your post test, but the evaluation form and/or Evaluation button do not generate, then you most likely did not receive a passing score on your Post Test and will need to retake it once more.

On Demand Education for Conferences

Many conferences do not allow for their event sessions to be displayed online for CE credit. Instead they will opt for the recordings to remain online for personal reference. You may typically find an event session recording a day after the conference has ended.

To reach an event session recording, go to the CE Wallet option at the top of your page. In the dropdown menu, select My Events. On your My Events page, locate the conference and find the Session Hall page. You will now be able to view each individual event sessions recordings from here.

If the event session is available for CE credit, you will need to watch the recorded session all the way to the end, pass the post test and complete the evaluation in order to generate your CE certificate. You will receive an email containing your CE certificate and will find a copy of your CE certificate on your Certificates page, as well.

For all other questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to [email protected].

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