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CE Wallet: Accessing Your Evaluations
CE Wallet: Accessing Your Evaluations
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The CE Wallet centralizes your events, certificate and evaluations, and allows you to track all CEs earned through the CE Tracker. The following article provides an overview on how to access your evaluations through the CE Wallet tool. For more information on certificates and CE tracking, please read CE Wallet: Manage Your License.

Step 1: Navigate to Evaluations

To access your evaluations within the platform, you'll first need to view your Evaluations Page. You can reach the evaluations page by navigating to the CE Wallet dropdown that is shown on the top dashboard of the web page.


Step 2: Submit Pending Evaluations

Once you have successfully navigated to the evaluations page, any pending evaluations that you may have will be listed. You can complete these evaluations by clicking on the session title.


Once your evaluations has been submitted, your CE certificates will instantly be reflected within your CE Tracked Dashboard and the Certificates page.

If you completed a CE event but the evaluation is not reflected on your evaluations page please reach out to [email protected].

NOTE: If you attended a live event with you will receive an invitation to complete the evaluation via email. That email will bring you directly to this evaluations page. All On-Demand evaluations will populate after the full duration of the video is reached and the post-test is completed, but the evaluation can also be accessed through the CE Wallet if you choose not to complete the evaluation immediately.

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