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A Statement on the Extent and Limitations of Support
A Statement on the Extent and Limitations of Support
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For the benefit of all users, trusted partners, conference organizers, and professional association leaders, we have decided to establish guidelines around the technical support that staff can provide. Please see below for a general statement which addresses these guidelines.


Dear Valued Users,

We at regularly put forth every effort possible to provide the simplest, smoothest, and most accessible experiences for our users. While we strive to continually update and improve our system to provide a better experience for our users, inevitably there will be issues that arise that are beyond our control and/or our scope of knowledge to resolve. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that you may experience as a result of such issues.

While we encourage our users to reach out whenever a problem arises, please be aware that there may be certain issues specific to your device, network, email system, or internet service provider that would require the services of an IT professional in your area. Our support providers will do their best to communicate to you when this is the case.

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