Issue Escalation Procedure
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Approved and effective: 7/15/2020
Last reviewed and revised: 5/25/2021

Policy Brief & Purpose

This policy is to outline the hierarchy and process by which user concerns and grievances are to be addressed and moved toward resolution. Please refer to the Grievance Procedure Policy for further information on addressing user grievances.


This policy applies to all questions, concerns, grievances, problems, and other issues raised by users.


All concerns raised by users should be directed to the appropriate tier starting with clinical support, except when the concern being raised has been judged by its recipient to be of an urgent or complex matter that requires the attention or expertise of a different tier. In most cases, the user is directed to bring their concern to a channel within clinical support, at which point it will be addressed and resolved by a clinical support representative. Failing resolution, the concern will be raised to the next tier for further examination and/or consultation.

The tiers of expertise are as follows, subject to amendment by administration.



Tier 1: Clinical Support

A concern is directed into the ticketing system via email, online chat, phone call, or other available channels

Tier 2: Clinical Support Supervisor

A concern is escalated to a clinical support supervisor

Tier 2: Clinical Engagement Director

A concern is escalated to the clinical engagement director

Tier 3: Chief Operating Officer

A concern is escalated to the COO

Tier 4: Chief Executive Officer

A concern is escalated to the CEO

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