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Updating or Adding a License
Updating or Adding a License
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The following article provides an overview on updating or adding your license. Adding a valid state-issued license or credential to practice independently allows you to:

  • Have a public profile and appear in the Find a Clinician search results

  • Connect with other clinicians, create endorsements, and receive referrals through the network

  • Take full advantage of the CE Tracker and stay up-to-date on CE requirements

We fully approve users who hold a state-issued behavioral health license. Users with certifications and alternative trainings are welcome to join the network but are not given full approval status; however, if a valid license is earned, this can be added at any moment to gain full access.

How do I add a license?

License information can be added in one of two locations within the site: either Account Settings or the CE Tracker.

NOTE: If you add a new license, please reach out to [email protected] so that we can verify your license and change the status of your account to have full access.

Adding a license through Account Settings:

First, navigate to Account Settings, located in the profile dropdown menu. In the far left column under profile, click on Licenses, as shown in the gif below.


On this page, you will be prompted to add the State your license was issued by, the licensing board, and the title of your license or credential.

Please ensure all your information is accurate before clicking save. If there is an error in your license information, a member of the clinical team may reach out to request changes.

NOTE: For more accurate verification, please provide you license/credential number.

If you do not see your licensing board or license type listed, reach out to [email protected].

Adding a license through the CE Tracker:

First, navigate to the CE Tracker by hovering over CE Wallet in the header menu, as shown in the gif below. Click on Add New License, and you will automatically be brought to Account Settings.


How do I update my license?

If you need to update the information on your license or remove a license, please use the license page in Account Settings rather than the CE tracker. Changes made in the license portion of Account Settings will automatically be reflected in the CE tracker dashboard.

Can I add more than one license?

If you hold multiple licenses or earn an additional licensure, you can add this at any point under the License page in Account Settings. Beneath the license details, you will see an option to Add a New License, as shown below.

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