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In-Person Event Check In/Out
In-Person Event Check In/Out
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How do I check in or out of an in-person CE event?

We hold our continuing education accreditations to the utmost importance, and with that, follows very strict guidelines for how we are approved as a CE provider. In order for you to obtain a CE certificate, you must have attended a session in full. To show full attendance, as a user, you must check in and out of the CE in-person session.
โ€‹To Check In

An event QR code will be made available to all event attendees on site.

  • Open the built-in camera app on your smartphone

  • Point the camera at the QR code

  • Tap the banner url to be taken to the check in/out page on

Example of a check-in page:


To Check Out

Be sure to check out of the event to show your accurate attendance. Use the same QR code used for check in.

  • Follow the same steps as the check-in process

  • Once you click the check-out button, you are done


What if I was unable to check in?

  • If you were unable to check in, please find an in-person volunteer or reach out to [email protected].

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