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How to Find a Clinician
How to Find a Clinician
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Our "Search Network" feature allows users to find clinical resources. Use this feature to easily narrow down who and what you are specifically looking for: to connect, endorse fellow clinicians, and expand your referral network among trusted providers.

How to Filter Search Results

First, navigate to the Search Network page located in the main header menu. On this page, search for a licensed clinicians or behavioral health professional.

You can also search for treatment centers, associationa, and insurance providers by toggling between people and organizations.

You may utilize the filters column, show in the gif below, to search by:

  • Clinician's Name

  • Servicing Area

  • Profession

  • Organization

  • Specific Credentials

  • Scopes of Practice

  • Age/Gender Specialty

  • Insurance

  • Modality

  • Language

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