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Quick Guide to Accepting and Completing a Peer Support Profile on
Quick Guide to Accepting and Completing a Peer Support Profile on
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1. When an invited from an Organization, the peer will receive an email to join.


3. The sign up process is easy and quick.

4. Fill out some quick info about yourself.

5. Click "View More Professions"

6. Click "Peer Support Specialist"

7. Enter your location info.

10. Click the "Hide my profile from search results." field if you do not want to be seen in the Behavioral Health Professional search on TPN.


12. Choose any specialities you may have or you can skip this step.

13. Agree to TPN's terms.

14. You should see an invitation under your Organizations section of your User Profile.

15. To complete your Peer Support Profile, include a little more information. First navigate to your Profile.

16. Click "View Profile"

17. Click "Edit Profile"

18. Click "Profession Information" to fill out the additional Peer Support info needed by the Office of Behavioral Health.





23. A couple of fields are not yet editable in the Peer section, like company or employer. To enter this information, click on "Basic Information".

24. You can enter company information here.

25. You can track your CE's, upload certificates, and see any certificates earned via TPN in your CE Tracker.

26. First you need to set your renewal date for your License.


28. Click here to set the renewal date.

29. Click the "Renewal Date" field.

30. Click "Save"

31. Click "Upload CE" to upload an outside CE not earned via TPN. Any TPN certificates will get assigned to your license at the time of the Event and will automatically go to your tracker.






37. You view details and download any certificates from your CE Tracker.



40. Click "Edit" to change category or details of the CE certificate.


42. You'll see what's left to complete in your category breakdown.

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